Guide to Cigars

Guide to Cigars

Steve Luck


Hardcover: 176 pages
Language English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781407516035

Subject: Offerte Dicembre 2018

The Complete Guide to Cigars offers a comprehensive exploration of thè history of cigars, from thè very first plantatìons to thè modern-day cult of thè cìgar. It aìso has an extensive directory, Hsting thè established brands ftom Cuba, thè Dominican Republic and other cigar producing countries around thè world. The Complete Guide to Cigars shows how thè history of thè cigar is inextricably bound into thè history of thè slave trade and thè ìives of thè settlers in thè New World, and how this vahiabìe commodity caused decades of conflict between nations. It also illuminates thè intricate and highly skilled process of makìng a cigar from sowing tobacco to packing cigars for export.
There is also advice on how to ehoose and store cigars, how to be sure you are buying a genuine Havana and how to get thè most enjoyment you can from your cigars. This is a hook for ali aspiring cigar aficionados, as weil as people who enjoy a good smoke.

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