George Hurrell's Hollywood*

George Hurrell's Hollywood*

Glamour Portraits 1925-1992

Mark A Vieira

Running Press UK

2013 Hardback
352 pages

ISBN / Barcode: 9780762450398

Subject: Servizio Rese Editori Hachette UK via Hachette (Mariafrancesca)

George Hurrell is credited as the master of the Hollywood glamour portrait. He photographed every star from Greta Garbo to Humphrey Bogart to Sharon Stone. Written by historian and former Hurrell assistant Mark A. Vieira, George Hurrell’s Hollywood is the definitive retrospective. Spanning his entire career, it's a fabulous montage of new insights, new portraits, and behind-the-scenes stories that Hurrell fans and photography and movie buffs will treasure.

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