So Audrey Miny

So Audrey Miny

De La Hoz Cindy

Perseus Running Press

Hardcover 70x80mm
136 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9780762460489

Subject: Performing Art Cinema

Little black dress? That’s so Audrey! Ballet flats? Now you’re stepping it up. A generous spirit? Well, it doesn’t get any more Audrey than that. Legendary superstar, trendsetter, and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn remains the epitome of style, charm, and grace for women of all ages. The name "Audrey" has even become a byword for expressing appreciation of simple good fashion sense. Filled with fashion and lifestyle tips inspired by Audrey, paired with gorgeous photos, this Miniature Edition imparts dozens of little ways to put some Hepburn

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