Discover... The Roman Empire

Discover... The Roman Empire

y Imogen Greenberg (Author), Isabel Greenberg (Illustrator)

Frances Lincoln (Quarto Books)

32 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781847808264

Subject: Travel Rome Various

The second in a series on key historical periods, launching with the Romans and Ancient Egyptians and followed by the Vikings and Ancient Greeks. Each spread explores a different theme or topic specific to the Romans, including the Roman Empire, gladiators, the Roman Army and the engineering and architechtural feats, and a timeline. Illustrated by graphic novelist Isabel Greenberg and researched by her sister, Imogen Greenberg, this series of books are presented as comic strips which offer a fresh and accessible entry point to core educational topics for children 8+.

STATO: OS - Ordine Sospeso

€ 14.50

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