Over 300 Classics from Rare Vintage to the Latest Designs

Neal Heard

Welbeck (Carlton)

464 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781780976228

Subject: Fashion Shoes

They're no longer just for running and working out! Sneakers have become an essential fashion statement, even collector's items. With more than 300 styles showcased, from old-school Adidas to Reebok's newest lines, from the legendary Converse All Star to Nike s latest high-tech Air Max, this fully updated new edition of "Sneakers" pays tribute to the cult popularity of this versatile shoe. Special features look at brand identity, endorsements from sports stars, key advertising campaigns, and street chic. There's even a "Hall of Fame" of all-time favorites. Superbly photographed, this complete compendium is a must-have for every sneaker enthusiast."

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