Stage & Screen Makeup

Stage & Screen Makeup

A Practical Reference for Actors, Models, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Stage Managers, & Directors

Kit Spencer

Watson guptill (GMC)

256 pages
Language: English

Subject: Fashion Make up

Create looks from ancient times to modern times–step by detailed step. Capture the authentic looks of the past with Stage and Screen Makeup, the complete step-by-step guide to designing makeup for time periods from the ancient past to the recent past to the sci-fi future. What would Shakespeare’s Juliet do with her eyes? How about Hedda Gabler, how would her lips look? Would Blanche DuBois wear her blush high on her cheekbones? How does Lara Croft get that shiny made-from-metal look? For professional makeup artists who want to capture a look for film, stage, television, or a fashion shoot, this book is a priceless one-of-a-kind resource. Clear, step-by-step instructions and stunning photographs make it simple and straightforward to re-create designs from distant eras or recent history, including the defining styles of each decade in the twentieth century.

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