Design by Nature

Design by Nature

Creating Layered, Lived-in Spaces Inspired by the Natural World

Tanov Erica

Watson guptill (GMC)

224 pages
Language: English

Subject: Interior design

Inspired by nature's colours, textures and patterns, design icon Erica Tanov uses her passion for textiles to create beautiful, timeless interiors that connect us to the natural world. Design by Nature incorporates simple motifs from nature into the home, with new and imaginative decorating ideas for an organic and bohemian style that mixes and layers rugs, pillows, throws and drapery. Practical design and decorating tips enable you to incorporate patterns and motifs from both ordinary and unexpected landscape elements, as well as develop a keener view of the natural world and craft looks that combine unique patterns and fabrics such as shibori, ikat and jamdani. With nature as inspiration, along with stunning photos from renowned photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo, Design by Nature offers an enduring and intuitive approach to design that transcends fleeting trends.

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