Handmade Shoes for Men

Handmade Shoes for Men


Nastia Books (R)

216 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781100561264

Subject: Fashion Shoes

A man’s shoes are the most important items in his wardrobe. However, a pair of custom-made welted shoes goes beyond mere items of apparel. They are the creation of a master craftsman, expressing the social standing of the wearer while simultaneously providing the delicate structure of the feet with optimum protection from the stress and strain of everyday life. Custom-made shoes are also a work of art in leather, designed for the distinctive feet and the individual taste of the fashion-conscious gentleman. This book takes an expert look into the workshops of internationally renowned shoemakers. The many detailed photographs in this book reveal the closely-guarded secrets and tricks of the trade that come between the taking of measurements and the completion of the shoe. This book is for those with a sense of both fashion and tradition, for those who love shoes. It is also a worthy introduction, for both the professional and the layman, to the wealth of tradition that is waiting to be discovered in the shoemaker’s workshop.

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