Fashion Made Fair

Fashion Made Fair


Köhrer Ellen

Nastia Books (R)

192 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781100561417

Subject: Fashion Miscellaneous

Is green the new black? This beautifully
illustrated book pays tribute to contemporary
designers whose creations are at once fashionforward
as well as sustainable, responsible,
and humanely produced. Sustainability is in fashion right now and designers are taking
note. With an ever-growing number of environmentally conscious
consumers at hand, the fashion industry is responding
to demands for products that are both beautiful and resourceefficient.
This book showcases the work of today's designers
who are doing just that. It features up-and-coming designers
and established brands from all over the world, chosen for
their ability to manufacture wearable, highly covetable clothing
while also contributing to better working conditions, protecting
the environment, and applying innovative design techniques
or materials. Included in this book are companies that are
rediscovering traditional handicrafts, upcycling designers who
reuse textile waste, and consumer-oriented approaches that make
high fashion a little more cost-effective. From Vivienne
Westwood to Patagonia, Umasan to Mud Jeans, this enlightening
exploration features designers and brands that cover the
spectrum from casual chic to haute couture as well as interviews
with fashion experts such as Bruno Pieters, Lily Cole, and Michael
Braungart. Filled with images of gorgeous clothing, this book
looks at a revolution in the making and points to a fashion future
that benefits the people and the planet.

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