Batik Design, Style & History

Batik Design, Style & History

Kerlogue Fiona

Abridale (R)

Paperback: 192 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781100821245

Subject: Fashion Textile

Batik - in which a wax-resist is applied before dyeing to form a pattern in negative - has a very special place in the world of textiles. Practised from China to India to West Africa, it finds its most supreme expression in Indonesia, where the Javanese word batik gave it its name. No other cloth in Asia, perhaps in the whole world, contains so much symbolism and so many meanings, expressed in the philosophy of its marvellous colours and designs, and in the way it is made, folded and worn. Richly illustrated throughout, Batik explores in depth the origins of the batik tradition; regional differences; symbolism and motifs; modern influences on batik; and batik as costume and in art. An illustrated index of motifs and their meanings, a comprehensive listing of international batik collections, a glossary and a bibliography complete this authoritative yet accessible work.

STATO: OS - Ordinabile

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