New Rings

New Rings

500+ Designs from Around the World

Estrada Nicolas

Cicola Books (R)

Paperback: 272 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781100731216

Subject: Fashion Jewellery

This marvellously illustrated book is a blend of the avant-garde, the unconventional and the delightful. Showcasing 591 contemporary rings by almost 300 international designers who stimulate the imagination by challenging traditional practices and standard definitions. The finished products are sculpture for the hands, and range from the simple to the abstract, from everyday rings to those that are more challenging. Here are rings made of gold, platinum and precious stones, of wood, bones, fibre and shells… Without exception, they are all beautifully made and intriguing in their own way. New Rings presents a unique snapshot of the work of the best art jewellers at work in the world today and includes biographies and contact details of every featured artist.

STATO: OS - Ordinabile

€ 18.00

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