Voices of Tuscany

Voices of Tuscany

Discover the Land of Genius and Beauty

De Martino Giorgio

White Star

Flexibound: 144 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9788854408777

Subject: Travel Tuscany, marche, Abruzzo

The Tuscan region of Italy is one of the most beautiful and desired destinations for tourists—and this dazzling volume explores new ways to experience its culture and power. Superstar singer Andrea Bocelli takes readers on an emotional tour of the land he loves so well, offering his personal impressions and a succession of surprising things about Tuscany that outsiders might not see, while the words of famous Tuscans past and present introduce themes, places, and other aspects of the region. Going beyond the traditional possibilities, Voices of Tuscany uses the words of those who know and love the area to create a fresh and conversational portrait of their home.

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