Create Kemonomimi Characters for Cosplay

Create Kemonomimi Characters for Cosplay

Anime & Manga Furries with Realistic Animal Features and Matching Fashions



144 pages
186 x 252 mm

Subject: Comics Manga

Learn to create amazing kemonomimi with realistic animal features and matching accessories!

Long, swishing tails and pointy animal ears or maybe antlers, horns, wings and feathers if you prefer—this is the ultimate furry handbook for manga and anime artists as well as cosplay enthusiasts. Choose your favorite animal then fuse its salient features with a fabulous human form and animal-specific clothing.

Shugao shows you how! She teaches you to combine authentic animal details with original fashions to create new and exciting characters. And she provides hundreds of amazing examples, including:
A hip-hop horse hybrid with a puffy coat, tousled mane and horseshoe sneakers
A goth dobermann girl draped in black satin with a punk hairdo and dog muzzle
A not-so-cowardly lion showing off his wild mane and tufted tail
A cool cowgirl with a lasso tail and ten-gallon hat that sits atop her horns
A long-legged lamb with an eared cap—his fuzzy fleece tied with a bell
And hundreds of other fabulous character ideas!

Whether you're inspired by furry characters or looking for a way to draw authentic kemonomimi, this is the book you have to get!

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