Invention & Discovery
The Remarkable Catalogue and Historical Record of

Claire Hawcock

Hardcover: 10 pages
Publisher: Arcturus
Language: English
Editore: Arcturus Pub.(no resa)

Argomento: Art Classic Art

ISBN / Barcode: 9781782120964

Euro € 14.50

Step back in time with this wonderfully designed book containing five amazing and illuminating three-dimensional models of historic inventions and discoveries. Readers can assemble the models and learn about the discoveries at the same time.Contains five beautifully designed and easy-to-make models.,Models include: Leonardo da Vinci's design for a temple; Copernicus' view of the Solar System; a Roman ballista (catapult); Watt's beam engine; and Gutenberg's printing press.,Five spreads covering subjects such as: building and architecture; hunting and fighting; agriculture to industry; writing and printing; and exploration.,Gatefolded spreads containing extra information about the history of the model and model assemble instructions.,Meticulously designed to replicate feel of long-lost journal.