Personal Websites

Personal Websites

Pushing the Boundaries with Experimental Web Design and Graphics

Joe Shepter

Rockport (Quarto Books)

160 pages
(Mar 2002)
Language English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781564968630

Subject: Graphics WEB design

A peek into the sketchbooks of top web designers. This book offers a fresh approach to web design. It presents insights from the best in the business and shows their own personal projects. Full of inspiration, ideas and new techniques personal webites are fertile testing grounds. These sites are also stepping stones, laying the groundwork for future commercial projects. International sites include:, Italy;, Canada;, Australia;, Australia;, Canada;, France;, Hong Kong;, Russia;, Brazil;, Denmark;, multinational;, UK;, Sweden;, Canada;, Canada;, Sweden;, UK;, Luxemburg;, Sweden.

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