In the Forest Fey

In the Forest Fey

Discover a Dazzling, Unique and magical Faerie World

Vanessa-Gaye Schiff, Kerry-Gaye Schiff

Ebury Press*

Hardcover: 160 pages
(Sep 2006) Language English
Origina Price £ 17.00

ISBN / Barcode: 9780091910730

Subject: Fairies

While photographing a broken-down cottage in a shady forest, architect Cathryn Thomlinson stumbles upon a seventeenth-century manuscript hidden under the crumbling floorboards. Intrigued by the references to 'faeries', Cathryn eagerly deciphers the text, but finds it to be the ramblings of an old woman, Good Dame Kellerman, who claimed to have discovered a faerie realm within the forest. But when Cathryn's film is developed, she is astonished to see small creatures with sprouting wings, glancing mischievously at her from the photographs! "In the Forest Fey" presents us with Kellerman's extraordinary journal, illustrated with ethereal photos of the faeries, documenting the history and everyday lives of the beautiful beings that, unbeknownst to humans, inhabit our world alongside us. This remarkable series of tales begins with the creation of the faeries and their realm, and follows the escapades of individual faeries and the clans to which they belong. This unique book evokes a world of romance, innocence and heroism, where tales of immortal beings sit alongside stunning, dreamlike images of the faeries in their forest.

STATO: In Commercio

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