Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars

The Illustrated Encyclopedia

Tony Bacon

Thunder Bay Press (S&S)

Paperback: 320 pages
(Mar 2006) Language English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781592230532

Subject: Music Guitars

This is an A-Z of more than 120 guitar brands and markers, explored through 1200, studio quality photographs. From the award winning team that produced the best selling "Ultimate Guitar Book", comes the most comprehensive book about the electric guitar. Its A to Z format covers more than 120 makers from around the world and details their successes and failures through 1,200 colour photographs. The book focuses on the iconic electric guitar with an introduction that places it in a historical context, running from early acoustic instruments in the 16th century to amplification experiments in the 1930's. The main body of the book is the A-to-Z of brands, covering the key 65-year period from 1935 to 2000.

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