Tanks in Detail 9 - Jagdpanzer

Tanks in Detail 9 - Jagdpanzer

JGDPZ IV,V,VI and Hetzer

Terry J. Gander

Ian Allan*

Paperback: 96 pages
(Nov 2004) Language English
180x250mm Orig. Price£12.99

ISBN / Barcode: 9780711030466

Subject: Military Tanks in Detail

Designed with the modeller, preservationist and the wargamer in mind, Ian Allan Publishing's 'in Detail' series provides readers with a comprehensive history of the type of tank, self-propelled propelled gun and military transport featured. Each volume will include detailed history of the unit in service, along with information on variants, markings, unit allocations, etc. Alongside the comprehensive illustrative section, which will include detailed shots of models in colour, the books will also include scale drawings and comprehensive guidance notes on camouflage. The German Jagd Panzer was a purpose designed tank killer that became one of the most potent armoured combat vehicles of World War 2. They included the Jagdpanzer IV, the Jagdpanther, the little Hetzer, the massive Jagdfiger and the unfortunate Ferdinand/Eletant. All were as heavily armed as could be arranged, were capable of destroying their prey at considerable ranges, and protected their crews under slope armour armoured carapaces. This title places the Panzerjager in their tactical context as well as being fully descriptive. With interest in all forms of military equipment from World War 2 increasing; this series from Ian Allan Publishing comes at an appropriate time. It will be much sought after historians, modellers and wargamers alike.

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