Borders & Frames

Borders & Frames

Artwork for Scrapbooks & Fabric-Transfer Crafts


Sterling (GMC)

128 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781402719974

Subject: Graphics Memories of a lifetime

Every page in a scrapbook or picture on a card looks more beautiful when it's set off by a frame and embellished with a fabulous border-and these are among the most exquisite ever collected. The frames come in every shape, size, and style: circular and rectangular, with a few simple curlicues and with elaborate knotwork, with hearts and flowers and with cherubs and children. The borders, too, offer plenty of options to fit any project, from classic columns to panels filled with birds and flowering vines. There's a gallery of ideas, too!

STATO: In Commercio

€ 9.50

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