All the Cats in the World

All the Cats in the World

Jesse Hunter

Hardie Grant Books (Quadrille)

Hardcover: 160 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781742707976

Subject: Nature Pets

Photographer Jesse Hunter embarked on a global photographic adventure to frame the world in his own way. For two years he travelled across 44 countries, on six continents, always armed with his camera gear and with his eyes open to new and interesting sights that the world had to offer. As he hopped from country to country, Jesse couldn't help but stumble across cats and kittens happily ensconced in daily life, in all manner of situations and destinations. Whether he was trawling Moroccan markets or discovering hidden alleyways in Greece, Jesse came across hundreds of felines during his travels just asking to be photographed. All the Cats in the World is a charming, cute and uplifting collection of his discoveries, and is a beautiful snapshot of the curious lives of cats everywhere.

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