More than 100 Kitchen Designs

More than 100 Kitchen Designs

Monsa S.A.

22 x 24 cm
112 pages
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Subject: Interior design

The kitchen is the room in the house where the performance evolution, technological developments or style currents affecting housing is being reflected more strongly. The most important aspect that has affected itís functioning and location within the house is that the kitchen was a space reserved exclusively to serfdom until a few decades ago, and nowadays it
has become one of the most important meeting and socializing points for each family. What used to be and isolated space with the minimum conditions of natural lighting and ventilation and aesthetically conceived as a food manufacturing laboratory, has become today a bright place, integrated into other rooms of the house and therefore follows the same
functional and aesthetic principles of the rest of the house. It is an additional sitting area of the house, often used also as a
dining room or even a study area.

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