Color harmony for the web

Color harmony for the web

Rockport (Quarto Books)

191 pages
(24 Jun 1999)
Language English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781564966032

Subject: Graphics Color

This book deals with the issue of colour, harmony and relevance of different colour combinations when used on websites with different themes. Its whole basis is colour and how they sit with each other.There is some narrative - reports from the author's light chats with webdesigners talkoing in no great deoth about their colour choices.It is, however, the fact that this book has been released with a full page erratum slip in the front. These are no slight errors. It explaisn that, for example a bright green has been substituted throughout fo what should have been dark blue; bright red for magenta; orange for a deep magenta; a brogt yellow for a pale pink. There are nine of these errors. There are a further three typographical errors noted relating to the colour kix of some colours.Frankly this is ridiculous. Only a cyncical publisher could have let this be released. It is impossible to use as a reference without remembering all the time to refer to the flimsy erratum slip. Large expanses of colour in the 'harmonies' look garish. It is a joke...

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