Designing Websites

Designing Websites

Ilise Benun

How Design Books

144 pages
(Jan 2003)
Language English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781581803013

Subject: Graphics WEB design

There is so much talk about designing web sites "for the user," but this seems to get lost in the jargon-heavy language and we forget that "user" actually means "person." This book fills that niche of "person-based" web design and, through case studies of web sites that have undergone visual and usability re-designs, shows designers how to identify the traits and needs of their audience and make a site that works most effectively for them. This book shows designers how to improve a Web site's usability by connecting with the people who use a site, a skill designers can use to increase traffic to their own sites and the sites of clients. When designers create user-friendly sites by following the advice in this book, they will not only increase the visibility of their site, but its functionality and ability to attract web traffic and advertising revenue.

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