Barely Working

Barely Working

Raphael Adam

Rem Books

Hardcover: 112 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781100425795

Subject: Photography Erotic Male

Adam Raphael, photographer of the widely praised Room Service, offers a delicious collection of young men in his newest book, Barely Working. Once again documenting a racially diverse group of the finest faces and bodies, Raphael has captured his models in various working situations including auto repair, car washing, landscaping, and other similar settings. Of course, work soon gives way to play, and the unique combination of laughter, competition, and youthful energy converge to create a sensual tension that can only be made by a photographer who has the skill and talent to work closely with his models without ever overshadowing or crowding them. "In Barely Working," says Reed Massengill, "pipe wrenches and earth-moving equipment are handled with grace and ease by Raphael’s young men, who practically throb with visceral friendliness and ‘aw shucks’ charm while possessing a humanity that makes them irresistibly appealing."

STATO: OS - Ordinabile

€ 18.00

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