Birds: Poetry in the Sky

Birds: Poetry in the Sky

Christian Spencer

Antique Collector Club

224 pages

Subject: Rese Editori Antique CC (Pad)

Nature as a work of art: birds in their habitat, spectacularly presented in their natural surroundings
The award-winning Winged Prism photo series in a coffee table book for the first time
For bird lovers and all those looking for an illustrated book that ventures beyond photojournalism and stylized studio shots
The fascination birds evoke in us continues unabated. Australian artist and photographer Christian Spencer, living in the vicinity of the Brazilian rainforest since 2001, has surrendered to it as well. “The camera is my brush,” is how he describes his style. His photographs truly capture the poetry of nature, letting its beauty speak for itself ― which is why he forgoes any image editing. He was the first to capture the breathtakingly fast beating of hummingbirds' wings in the sunlight, which forms a rainbow in the air. The world of birds unfolds before his lens in all its colorful glory and elegance: in reflections on the water, between blossoms and trees, and high above the treetops.

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