Artistic Perspectives and Cultural Crossings in Nineteenth-Century Dance

Irene Brandenburg, Francesca Falcone, Claudia Jeschke & Bruno Ligore

Massimiliano Piretti Editore

365 pages

ISBN / Barcode: 9788864761251

Subject: Performing Art Dance

The proceedings in this publication derive from the international conference Times for Change: Transnational Migrations and Cultural Crossings in Nineteenth-Century Dance (Salzburg, 28–30 November 2019), which was realized on the initiative of Francesca Falcone as a transnational cooperation among university and non-university dance institutions in Italy, France, and Austria: AIRDanza (Associa-zione Italiana per la Ricerca sulla Danza), aCD (association des Chercheurs en Danse), and the Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg (Fachbereich Kunst-, Musik- und Tanzwissenschaft). Following the symposium Danza e ballo a Napoli: Un di-alogo con l’Europa (1806–1861) (Naples 2017)1, researchers with diverse scholarly and artistic backgrounds from Europe and the United States gathered to address the multifaceted spectrum of nineteenth-century dance cultures. The focus was on the phenomena of artists’ mobilities, exchanges, and transfer processes be-tween cultural spaces and metropolises, as well as on the interconnections and interdependencies among artistic networks, choreographic practices, and specific institutional and sociocultural contexts. In a lively, open dialogue, we not only discussed different scholarly opinions, but also critically evaluated traditional po-sitions and concepts of dance historiography. Moreover, the conference united scholars belonging to diverse research networks and gave them the opportunity to gather again or meet for the first time, creating vibrant relationships, both on personal and professional levels.

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