Yacht interiors

Yacht interiors



Hardcover: 400 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9783937718095

Subject: Interior design

During the last 10 years there has been a significant leap forward in the development of yacht interiors. A decisive factor here was the introduction of the computer in the production process, which has greatly shortened the design phase and allowed more freedom when simulating and visualizing models. As a result, new boat forms, as well as more aerodynamic sails, have emerged, which could be carefully designed and built. The creation of modern yacht interiors reflects current design trends. There is, for instance, a clear trend towards plain and minimalist interiors. Here the designer renounces unnecessary decorative elements and employs pale colours, like white, grey and beige, which make interiors seem larger. In addition to Asian décor elements, there are also very colourful interior designs, which are appealing for their playfulness, among other reasons. Modern yachts, then, do not take a back seat to living quarters on land when it comes to comfort and design, and it is not surprising that, besides famous yacht designers, creative personalities like Armani or Philipp Starck have discovered a love for designing yachts interiors.

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