A Natural History of the Islands and Their People

Catherine Cheung and yndon DeVantier


No of Pages: 394
Page Size: 230 x 285
Published Date: Oct 2006
Cover: hardback
Illustrations: colour photos

ISBN / Barcode: 9789622177703

Subject: Travel Miscellaneous

Located in the Arabian Sea, east of the Horn of Africa, the Socotra Islands of Yemen are often referred to as the ‘Galápagos of the Indian Ocean’, renowned for their many endemic species. In 2003, Socotra became a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve - nomination as a natural World Heritage Site is underway.

This book, containing some stunning photographs, provides a comprehensive review of the islands’ flora, fauna and people as well as documenting its geological history, land and marine biodiversity, ecology and evolution.

Thoroughly researched, with contributions from local and international specialists, the book is packed with up to date scientific, historic and cultural information, and superb photographs, maps and drawings.

Written in an easy to read style, with Arabic abstracts for each chapter, this book will enthrall the educated public and address the increasing deamnd for a detailed guide to Socotra by natural and social scentitsts, conservationists, decision-makers, visitors and armchair travellers. By purhcasing this book, readers will also contirbute to the Socotra conservation fund, supporting conservation and community based development initiatives.

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